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You're unimpressed with the 2021, 7 day trial. So am I.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021


(*disclaimer: I don't condone nor advocate for anyone to STORM THE FUCKING U.S. CAPITOL. Dear God , Please don't. But I do wonder how our own responses to actual oppression could be more effective. Again not by storming the Capitol but definitely by more than looting private businesses and posting little black squares on Instagram and even more than just voting and hoping that works. What can we do?)

This morning I carefully opened one eye then the other, slowly stepped out of bed, very steadily walked to my window , gently opened my blackout, noise canceling curtains, to peek out into the world and make sure the aliens hadn't made their way to us in the night.

To my disappointment, they had not.

The most notable takeaway from one hectic first week of 2021 (i mean, of course, aside from the Kimye divorce/ Ye& Jefree Starr scandal) has been the ton of "if they were anything but white, they'd be dead by now" posts regarding the now-infamous failed circus coup.

Im just going to dive right in. No vaseline.

The claim that the MAGA riots at the U.S. Capitol building were allowedto occur, onlybecause the majority of rioters were white, is a lazy, low effort assessment. I noticed while scrolling through the streets of social media, consuming the memes and articles regarding the matter, that many of my left of center friends seem to be having a difficult go at processing the complex emotions that come with having to watch the worst crowd of people do the best thing , for a most horrifyingly stupid reason.

"If they were minorities"

Ok, well, some of them were. Granted, a smaller percentage, but get ready for a bomb, not all Trump supporters are white *gasp*, likewise not all Trump supporters support him because they identify with his xenophobic rhetoric.

"Minorities would not have gotten away with this"

Ok, well, neither did these white people. At the time of this writing, at least four people, including a cop, have been confirmed to have died to due to the events of Jan 6, and many more injured and arrested. I wonder how many dead and wounded would be considered enough to quench the apparent bloodthirst of the left.

"The police should have displayed as much aggression during the Capitol riots as was shown during the BLM riots "

See above. ⬆ Pushing for a more aggressive police state from law enforcement is contradictory, to the idea of police reform which the left advocate for.. Are we suggesting that because the perpetrators in this case are our political and social adversaries that we expect the police to abuse their authority in the same likeness as they did during the BLM uprisings? That is not a call for justice that is a call for petty revenge. Hold your horses ! We're about to go into the obvious WHY of why the police acted differently in this riot than in the ones we saw last summer. (And dont worry, none of that complex and scary talk about police being henchman of an oppresive state, though they are)


Now, let's be crystal clear.  I, like many, have never heard a compelling argument in favor of the idolization of Trump. I am however, intrigued by the undeniably diverse pool of people who hold the man and administration in high regard. There are Trump supporters of every color and every walk of life. And his supporters are supporters for several reasons not all centered on whiteness. Likewise , just because someone can Google, what it means to dog-whistle racism, does not mean they can as quickly distance themselves from the idea that a man they revere as the embodiment of their core values has indeed dog whistled racism on a national stage on multiple occasions. Because that would mean they themselves are racist. And believe it or not, many Trump supporters don't see themselves as such! ,* cue  Beethoven's symphony number 5*  They see themselves as God-fearing, Country-loving , for all intents and purposes good people, instead of misinformed people who have been led astray by conservative propoganda. Most, conditioned from birth to believe the deterioration of our society can most always be linked to communities outside of their own. I find myself questioning often, if this is necessarily so with malice intent. I digress, perhaps that would be a topic for a separate post.

There are also those that may not identify with him earnestly but still side with him as a sort of rebellion against their own communities (Hello Candace Owens) as well as those that favor his policies because it is financially benefical for them to do so . Trump after all promised to cut taxes for the top percent, and cut he did. Ultimaltely, though people support Trump for any number of reasons ,  the bulk of his supporters are likely low-income, disenfranchised, misled, undereducated, desperate, and tired individuals themselves. Race not accounted for, that sounds like the frustrated masses on the left. Isn't that a coincidence?


Speaking of being available in a variety of colors, cops! Cops may start off being, white, Black, Brown or any other race but they are one color and one color only once behind the badge, and that color is blue. Knowing this , it is intellectually disingenuous to misrepresent why there were police not only turning a blind eye to rioters but some even aiding and posing for selfies with the them. These rioters uphold law enforcement officers as indispensable pillars of our communities. These rioters lick boots on their days off. Of course, the energy would be different than that of, say, a BLM protest in which the very subject of the protest is calling the police out for their lack of accountability. Capitol police did not allow rioters into the Capitol building because they were all reveling in each other's whiteness. It complicates the narrative to insist police allowed this to happen because the establishment values whiteness , and it is their job to protect what the establishment values.If anything, police allowed this to happen because these rioters carried Thin Blue Line flags (ironically alongside Gadsden flags ) instead of "Fuck the Police" signs. Had the mob been thousands of Black , police loving , Trump supporters, the response would have likely been very similarly lackadaisical. The color the establishment values first and foremost is not white, it is green. Though they act in tandem, POC must be able to admit that between racism and classism, classism is the more violent beast. Low-income working-class whites are getting chewed up and shit out by the government too. They endure many of the struggles familiar to POC. I know. Unsettling how often, even low-income whites seem to not recognize police as being perpetrators of their oppression. Even though being poor isn't exclusive to

minorities historically, white people, poor or otherwise, have not had the same relationships with law enforcement as other races. Predominantly Brown and Black communities are conditioned to respect the police out of fear, whereas white communities are conditioned to respect the police out of admiration.

So yes, ofcourse there were cops seen cutting it up with the crowd; there were police cutting up with BLM protesters too! Among thousands of cops present at any of the riots in the past year , a percentage was bound to identify with the rioters. That's just math ! There are also many videos in which cops are seen, you know, doing their jobs. One of the best is of a burly Trump-supporting fellow hollering to the police in objection like an unruly toddler, "We had your back, but we ain't got your back no more because you don't have ours." As if he had only just now realized that government henchmen's job is to act in the best interests of the government and then the people, in that order. I have to say my favorite part of this whole thing so far is that the very whites that have made cries to "defend the police" in recent months were forced to confront the ugly realization of not being any more valued than the common colored in the eyes of the establishment.


When I saw the sea of rabid Republicans in red hats making their way inside the US Capitol building, my first thought was not 'They can only do this because they're white.' As that is an elementary level analysis. My first thought was, well frankly, like most, "Holy Shit, is this real?" but when the shock wore off, then I thought;

  " So if these fucking boobs are daring to storm THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL BUILDING.... in protest of what they believe to be a gross violation of their constitutional and even GOD. Given rights, WTF are the rest of us doing? "

Imagine.  All of this commotion because their one term demigod is getting legally evicted, combined with the frustration of being "oppressed " all year by being told to wear a mask or stay home (gasp)!

IMAGINE. Imagine what it would look like if the general public started storming government buildings every time one of our politicians used our tax dollars to fund weekends full of cocaine and prostitutes.

Furthermore, Leftists and Liberals screeched all of 2020 to stay home because of the illness that shall not be named but rhyme with 'Vivid.' It was made a common practice to publicly shame those that dare stray too far from their front steps sans masks. Later on, it became common practice to shame those that even dared to bring up the considerably high survival rate of the 'vid.   Through this public lambasting of questioning the word of Fauci, a very glaring exception was made for the uprisings of summer 2020 in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, however. Looting and riots were justified as appropriate responses to the epidemic of police brutality, which, to be fair,  has plagued our inner-city neighborhoods for far longer than any supercharged Chinavirus has been supposedly oppressing the rotten people of our spoiled nation.

I think its fair to ask what would it look like if POC stormed the Capitol in the name of every life lost as a result of police brutality, instead of storming Auto Zones and Targets ?

    If you genuinely believe that Capitol police and any law enforcement officers actively protect white people solely for being white, your mind is stuck in a rut of self-victimization, unable or unwilling to see the real war is one rooted in class. We can be almost sure that there was no order from higher ups for the police to "stand down" because the mob approach was of the white variety.

Let that notion go already. I know you all can not be serious with claims that minorities can't take the same measures as their white counterparts when protesting an egregious government. That makes no sense if you're following the logic of it being necessary to go out and protest in mass for police accountability in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. What's changed now? Why does it make all the sense in the world to risk injury, arrest, death, and the 'Vid to burn down the streets of Beverly Hills but not risk the same possible outcomes for government overreach at the very doorstep of the government?

I feel like many of you meme-ing and mocking this situation do so in an attempt of distracting from how we all just let the party of pussy grabbers surpass our revolutionary efforts by throwing the mother of all tantrums where it actually matters. Yup. I said what I said. You're jealous and too ignorant to see that you would benefit from the same actions you are condemning now all of a sudden only because they are being taken by a group you fail to consider may have more in common with you and your community than you may realize. You're jealous our communities have not yet mobilized enough to gather our pitchforks and take our grievances directly to the feet of the wealthy and ruling class. We can disagree with the messengers and the message, but can not all agree it was about damn time someone reminded over paid politicians that the consent of the governed is a requirement of governing.

Dare I say *gulp* a tiny unhinged part of my being admires how far MAGA mob took things this time.

All that I know for sure is that it is disheartening to see where the mentality of the people is, though. And by The People, I mean all of my people, POC and whites alike, all of the working class disenfranchised over here, wearing our masks and clenching onto 600$ checks while standing in the slowly growing pile of ashes of this continually collapsing Rome.

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