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Yesterday's Price is NOT today's price

*Fat Joe voice*


Yesterday's Price is NOT today's price !



It's been about 4 months since we nosedived into this new venture. We had / have no idea what we're doing. I know it's not typical to admit that openly but it's a jagged little pill of truth that more of us can relate to than not. Nobody knows WTF they're doing. Whether it be in business or life in general, everyone's just out here doing their best. We've come to realize however , that people (atleast you all reading this) appreciate not only the journey but transparency along the way. So in the interest of transparency we'd like to say , charging for things is weird! Its SO F*CKING WEIRD! Well, actually it's not necessarily the CHARGING people that's weird, it's getting passed the hurdle of believing in yourself enough to believe you have a product or service worth charging for. Drugs and sex sell themselves but food and literally anything else require a certain level of exceptionalism and je ne sais quoi to even be marketable.

One has to find this sweet spot between affordable and profitable and for a business as wet behind the ears as ours pricing is something we're figuring out along the way,but believing in ourselves enough to be fair to ourselves has been the real bitch. If anything we need to give a major shout out to each individual person who in the last four months has admonished us for underselling ourselves. When friends and family support us its beautiful but when complete strangers tell us straight up "WTF are you doing," , it's nearly enough to bring tears to our eyes.


This isn't to explain away our price increase because frankly, either you pay or you can keep it pushing , you're not the customers we seek anyway. This is more for any vendors and small business owners that need a reminder of that you're worth what you say you are, there's a market for literally everything and everyone so set your prices at what you feel your worth. Those who agree will with your talent and potential will pay and those that don't, well, who cares honestly? Since we're all forced to participate in capitalism let's atleast not forget that there's beauty in the free market. Beautiful how we can charge what we want , and you as a consumer get to decide when and where you consume.



We hope to continue to enjoy and revel in the support of our community. We're loving being in the trenches of the self employed where every dollar made in the black is an accomplishment. We hope to continue to expand and hope you all continue to support us as we do because honestly we deserve it. Dont forget, If it's from the hood , it must be good.

P.S have yall SEEN the price of meat lately!?! SHEEEESH!

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