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What do you do ? 

- I've worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for almost 14 years. Pre-Pandemic 2020 I was working as a guest-relations agent at a private membership club in the heart of Hollywood. But truly, when the world as we in these here United States , stopped in March of 2020 I immediately realized one thing that had loomed in the back of my mind for years; I WASNT DOING ANYTHING. Atleast I wasn't doing anything that added value to my life or me as a person. So thats what lead me to create a space in which to express myself on any or all matters of my daily life and doing it with an air of sincerity and dark humor. At best I will connect with and help like-minded whorrors navigate this new weird world we share. At worst, this is my digital journal that I will look back on in years to come. 

Why do you refer to your kids as "The Boy" and "The Girl" ? 

- They are the only Boy&Girl that currently govern my heart. I also refer to them as The Spawns because they have latched on to me , their host, for all of their survival needs.  It is all in good fun,  so if it makes you uncomfortable lighten up and read the room.

How did you and your husband meet ? 

-We met while working at a crappy burrito place. I was his MOD and he could not stand me (or so he claims). One night after closing he asked for a ride home because it was rather cold and he was fighting off a cold. I promptly said "no 🖤" because I wasn't a fan of his either. However, At that time of night the train was no longer running so he awkwardly asked again and I, being the angel that I am, relented. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Whats your favorite episode of The Office (U.S) ? 

- Im willing to fight anyone who disputes that Stress Relief pt. 1&2 (s5 ep14&15) reigns supreme as the funniest episode(s) in the series.

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