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I'm Jess, an LA native. I say stuff about marriage, parenting, travel, politics, current events, sex , trash TV , DIYs,  among other topics and sometimes I write it all down. Come with me as I continue to navigate learning to adult in a world I've never adulted in before. 


We will discuss topics ranging from current events, politics, community outreach,  relationships, marriage, parenthood and sex. I often joke that I am just an unfiltered metal head witch only now I'm someone's parent and spouse and as I have found many can relate. 


Podcast & Blog

We will discuss topics ranging from sex, current events, relationships, parenting, friendships, obscurities far and wide and frankly whatever else I want, 

The Boutique

We sell everything from thrifted vintage items hand made goods and home goods and whorror themed accessories  

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